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Digital Marketing Agency For Hedge Funds and Professionals

Agateris Media is a full integrated digital marketing agency focused primarily on Hedge Funds and Professionals. We provide digital marketing services and can help your firm implement the following digital strategies.

Digital Marketing

Advertisement has come a long way since the time of billboards, radio commercials and tv spots. For a small and medium size business, effective advertisement can be done online. We can help your organization identify the best strategic paths to take in order to create a meaningful awareness of your brand, products and services. Compared to traditional advertisement, the digital marketing offers more nimble and more adaptive strategies with less initial capital investment and greater analytics to track your return on investment.

Content Creation

Marketing your products, services and know-how is best done with smart published content that will not only help you build trust with your ideal customers, but will also help position your brand as the go-to source of information about your industry.


Smart modern design of your online presence is paramount to establish credibility with your ideal customers. Simply advertising your business information on a website is no longer enough. With the rise and wide adoption of smartphones and tablets, the user experience with your brand is increasingly moving from static websites to mobile and interactive experiences.

We can help you create a unique and meaningful online presence that will effectively communicate your message to your clients and covert visitors into leads.

Social Media

Social media is a decade old and is here to stay. With a presence on strategic social channels you are able to continue your relationship with your customers past the initial transaction point. Social media provides an effective online advertisement medium that can help your business maintain an awareness of your services and stimulate growth in your sales.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Email marketing and lead generation remain among the most underused smart marketing tools that most small and medium size businesses can benefit from. We can help you create and set-up custom email marketing campaigns with your existing customers as well as new business leads.

Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal

If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to discuss your digital marketing ideas, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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